Bathroom Planning

Sketches of bathrooms

Step 3 - Inspiration and Design

With your basic needs mapped out, it's time to let your inner artist take over.

Stop by your local bookstore and pick up some home design magazines or books on bathroom renovation. Browse the Internet for model bathroom designs and an articles on trends. Stop by a few bathroom retail stores and take photos of things that strike your fancy.

Now, create an inspiration board or scrapbook of ideas, pictures, textures and configurations that you want in your dream bathroom. Have fun and be creative! This as it will give design and construction professionals actual visual insight into the ideas in your mind as well as the sense of style you hope to invoke.

Finally, update your written wish list for your bathroom project based on what you've seen. Make sure to also create a list of items that you do not like or want in your bathroom. Sometimes knowing what doesn't appeal to you is as helpful as knowing what does.