Bathroom Planning

Man writing a list

Step 1 - Getting Started

Start by looking closely at the bathroom space you want to create. Ask yourself who will be using it. Just you? You and a spouse? The whole family? Guests?

Now, get pen and paper ready – it's list-making time.

Start with what you like and dislike about your current bathroom. Consider space (can multiple people use it at once), flow (are things conveniently located), storage (too litte or too much) and lighting (natural and artificial). Are any current accessories (cabinetry, sinks) or aspects of the décor (tile, wallpaper) worth saving and designing around or must you start from scratch?

Now think about your lifestyle. What are your absolute needs (separate bathtub and shower,  double sinks) and what are your wishes, big and small, given the room size and budget you expect.

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