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Key Benefits

  • Ergonomic design offering great comfort
  • Striking simplicity for this classic oval shape



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White (001)
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Features & Benefits

Product Description

  • Oval inspired lines with an urban touch and comfortable design
  • Comfortable inclined backrests and a shape to offer plenty of shoulder room
  • Magnetic cushion available in black or whiteMagnet backed headrest for cushion. Factory installed only if cushion ordered on initial order.
  • End drain
  • 1 bathtub, 2 installations: drop-in or undermount 
  • Apron not available
  • Cut-out template included

Model & available dimensions

Aigo 7236 - 102788

72 " x 36 " x 24 "
Water Capacity (Max, Min):
78 G , 30 G

Available Systems

air massage picto


The MAAX Collection's premiere perimeter air injection system. Up to five dozen intelligently positioned air jets provide a hushed ripple of well-being by cradling your body from head to toe. Advanced check valves ensure immaculate purity making Aerofeel® the most hygienic, as well as the most delightful, system on the market. Learn more

color therapy picto


Bathe yourself in a kaleidoscope of color and envelop yourself in optimal health. Learn more


water air massage picto

Combined Aerofeel/Hydrofeel

Experiment and discover your perfect combination of the pulsating healing ability of water massage and the gentle reassuring ripple of air jets. Activate our water and air systems together for maximum effect or devise an alternating program that fulfills you head to toe, in and out – body, mind and soul. Learn more

water massage picto


The Hydrofeel therapeutic whirlpool system, available on select MAAX Collection bathtubs, is the height of fine design. Powerful water jets, sized and shaped to ensure a deep, targeted massage, line the tub for contact at critical body points. Back and foot jets round out a massage as invigorating as it is relaxing. Learn more

ozone therapy picto


Clean and purify your whirlpool by harnessing one of Mother Nature's most powerful elements.
Learn more

The therapeutic massage options available in MAAX offer an infinite range of health benefits.

Options & Accessories


Thermo-Acoustic system
Thermo-Acoustic system (minimal installation required)
Water heater assembly
Water heater assembly for whirlpool and combined systems (factory installed)
ABS trim kit for whirlpool and combined systems
ABS trim kit for whirlpool and combined systems (factory installed)This is a color upgrade option. A color-coordinated trim kit is included with purchase of a system.
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Two chromatherapy lights
Two chromatherapy lights (factory installed)
Flexible main hose 15 ft for electronic control
Flexible main hose for electronic control air massage - kit (sold separately) 15-ft. extension
Metal trim kit for Aerofeel
Metallic finish trim kit for Aerofeel electronic control (factory installed) This is a color upgrade option. A color-coordinated trim kit is included with purchase of a system.
Available colors: Chrome (084), Polished Brass (085) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Optional minimalist cushion (magnetic) (White or Black)
Minimalist cushion (magnetic). (included in product packaging when purchased)
Available colors: White (001) and Black (015)
Lite deck
Lite option 3/8 '' thin deck

Product Image
White (002) Bone Natural (004) Biscuit LinenSilk (012)
Almond (013) Sterling Silver Gray (006) Platinum Gray (009)