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Key Benefits

  • Create your dream bathroom with the new Romance bathtub series. As a trendy freestanding bathtub, the Romance features a modern symmetrical apron creating a bathroom masterpiece.



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White (001)

Features & Benefits

Product Description


Consult your local distributor to confirm the compatibility of faucets with installation constraints and specifications of selected MAAX bathtubs.

  • Waste and overflow not included
  • Only compatible with flexible waste and overflow
  • Unique feature: symmetric modern look
  • 3" Above-the-Floor Rough: pipe directly under the bathtub without relocating the existing drain
  • Deck for faucets (MAAX flexible waste and overflow highly recommended)
  • Freestanding installation
  • Center drain
  • One-piece apron
  • Available in White only

Unique features

  • Above-the-Floor Rough (AFR)
  • 4 Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • 1 Tub - 2 Pieces

Model & available dimensions

Romance F - 105465

67 " x 37 " x 24 "
Water Capacity (Max, Min):
54 G , 14 G

Available Systems

air massage picto

Bubble Tub

The Bubble Tub system fills your bath with therapeutic air bubbles streaming from tiny holes surrounding the bathtub wall. The sparkling water will gently enfold you from head to toe giving you an encompassing massage. See Aerosens system

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Bathe yourself in a kaleidoscope of color and envelop yourself in optimal health. Learn more


The therapeutic massage options available in MAAX offer an infinite range of health benefits.

Options & Accessories


One chromatherapy light
One chromatherapy light (factory installed)
Metal trim kit for Air Push Control
Metal trim kit for air push control (factory installed)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
Foam pillow with 2 suction pads
White foam cushion with 2 suction pads (sold separately)
Available color: White (001)
Air push cover
Metal trim kit for Aeroeffect with Air Push Control (sold separately)
Available colors: Chrome (084) and Brushed Nickel (105)
OPT 20138-084 Flexible waste and overflow
Flexible waste and overflow (included in product packaging)
Available colors: Chrome (084)
OPT 20138-105 Flexible waste and overflow
Flexible waste and overflow (included in product packaging)
Available colors: Brushed Nickel (105)
Positioning template for bathtub installation
Positioning template for bathtub installation (sold separately)

Product Image
White (002) Bone Natural (004) Biscuit LinenSilk (012)
Almond (013) Sterling Silver Gray (006) Platinum Gray (009)