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MAAX seeks passionate people -- people with strong sales, technical, business and/or leadership skills to contribute to the success of the organization. We want employees who are secure in their knowledge yet possess great intellectual curiosity to meet our need fast-paced, style-oriented industry's demand for innovation and continuous improvement. Talented employees have and will continue to make us a leader in our field.

MAAX offers many employment opportunities across Canada and the United States in the manufacturing and professional fields, from seasonal to full-time positions. For all roles, MAAX provides comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits. Travel, educational assistance and flexibility work arrangements are possible and vary by position.


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If you are starting your career or looking for a new one, MAAX offers a nurturing environment with comprehensive training and mentors. Teamwork easily co-exists with creativity and personal growth here. Internships and student employment opportunities are also available at many of our locations.

Job openings are updated at least every 10 days. Please check back frequently.




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   Senior Digital Manager   Lachine, QC
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   Manufacturing and Quality Manager   Lachine, QC
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   Printer Technician   Tring-Jonction, QC  
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Unfortunately, there are no career opportunities at this time at MAAX Bath Inc., but check back frequently to find out about new job openings.

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Be proactive!

You do not see any employment opportunities that correspond to your background, remember that we at MAAX, are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Discover our different departments and possible career paths.

  • Customer Care
    • MAAX Bath Inc. believes that our customers are our partners and deserve a great business experience and must be considered first in everything we do and every decision we make. So, to make sure we can offer to our customers the most enjoyable experience at MAAX Bath Inc., we are always looking for skilled customer-centric candidates willing to commit to satisfy the need of our customers.

      MAAX Bath Inc have several positions within our customer care department including :

       • Customer Service Representative

       • Technical Service Advisor

       • After Sales Agent

       • Customer Care Supervisor

       • Technical Service Supervisor

       • Customer Care Director

      As a part of this team, you will have the chance to be on the front line of the relation with our customers. As MAAX want to redefine the customer service, you will be directly involved by supporting our exceptional standards, policies and company values.

  • Marketing
    • As MAAX Bath also focuses on product marketing and the promotion of its trademarks, the marketing department is one of our key strategic departments. This team is always challenged to promote innovation and creativity.  We think that ambitious employees will find their place at MAAX as many open positions are filled internally.

      MAAX Bath Marketing department have many diversified position including

       • Product Manager

       • Project Manager

       • Marketing Specialist

       • Commercial Training

       • Art Director

       • Graphic Designer

      As we put our customer in the center of everything we do, you, as a member of this team, will work closely with many other departments and customers to ensure that our customer Enjoy the Experience.

  • Human Resources
    • At MAAX Bath Inc., we believe our employees are our most valuable and powerful assets. Consequently, we must provide and continually nurture an environment that promotes growth, both personal and professional. To do so, the HR department is always working to attract, retain and develop talent within our company.

      By entering MAAX Bath HR department, you can find a very interesting career path.

       • Recruiter

       • HR Advisor

       • Senior HR

       • HR Area Manager

      If you have very strong people skills and the ambition to develop the internal organization you might be a good candidates for HR department at MAAX.

  • Sales
    • Working closely with different MAAX’s departments, the sales team is dedicated to provide to our retailers, wholesalers and showrooms the broad range of our products. As we also focus on the consumer's voice, the sales team has an important role of bringing information to our R&D and marketing department to ensure that we can provide to our clients the ultimate experience, from beginning to end, so that they can enjoy MAAX experience.

      MAAX Bath Sales department have many diversified position including

       • Sales Coordinator

       • Sales Representative

       • Key Account Manager

       • Regional Sales Manager

      MAAX is always looking for talented people who are passionate for sales. So if you have a combination of leadership and communication skills with a proven track record, you might be a perfect fit for our organization.

  • Research & Development
    • R & D team at MAAX are very dedicated team to deliver on our promise to market innovative and stylish products with unique designs. As a member of this group, you need to be driven by always rethinking what we are doing the best and participate to very challenging projects that are running at a fast pace.

      Many different positions are offered in this department

       • Industrial Designer

       • Design Engineer

       • Product Development Technician

       • Portfolio Product Manager

       • Product Data Manager

      If you wish to be involved in an innovation-based company where there is many diversified projects, you are welcome to apply as we are always looking for talented people.

  • IT
    • IT at MAAX Bath Inc is responsible for the overall development, implementation and maintenance of our technology.  IT department support the work of over 1300 employees across North America within 8 facilities. This team follows best practices that help MAAX to have a strong, secure and performing IT infrastructure.

      In this IT department, you can find many challenging positions such as

       • IT Technician

       • Business Analyst

       • SAP Development

       • Business intelligence

      If you have good ability to prioritize work and you want to be involve in a variety of small and large scale projects that ensure performance of MAAX, you are welcome to send your resume.

  • Finance & Accounting
    • The Finance & Accounting department at MAAX handles a multitude of functions that rely on strong knowledge, expertise and integrity. In our competitive market, the finance & accounting department delivers truly reliable information whether it’s about planning future investment or improving bottom line.

      Positions you can find within the Finance & Accounting department are:

       • Business Analyst

       • Plant Controller

       • Corporate Accounting Manager

       • Pricing Administrator

       • Staff Accountant

       • Credit Supervisor

       • Financial Analysis Director

      If you are always open to examine numbers, conscientious and continuous learning person, you are welcome to apply as we are always looking for talented people.

  • Operations
    • Our plant operations across North-America offer numerous exciting opportunities for both college/ university graduates and professional tradesmen.

      Our mission is to improve the level of comfort of our customers through the manufcacturing of quality products at competitve prices. Hence, in order to ensure that we offer to our customers the most enjoyable of experiences in doing business with MAAX, we are continually searching for qualified employees.

      The Operations department is comprised of numerous positions:

       • Director, Production

       • Supervisor, Production

       • Manufacturing Technician

       • Engineering Technician

       • Clerk

       • Transport

       • Maintenance

       • Labourer

      The main focus of Operations is to manufacture quality products by people who are motivated, competent and in constant pursuit of developing, applying and improving manufacturing and quality processes.

  • Supply Chain
    • We believe that our employees are our strongest and most precious resources. The Supply Chain Department offers employment opportunities to college and university graduates.

      Many different positions are offered within this department:

       • VP Logistics

       • Director, Logistics

       • Director, Transport

       • Commodities Manager

       • Buyer

       • Planner

      The Supply Chain department operates globally to identify and maintain a continued supply of quality products and services.